Letting chickens run free around the place is great, especially if you've rescued some commercially bred hens. It's a wonderful feeling as you watch them and a cockerel or two busy themselves around the backyard or garden. They can be very efficient at keeping a lawn down too.

Pekins & Orpingtons: Pekins. Last years hens, have now stopped laying for Winter but will lay again in early Spring. Hens in Lavender, Lavender Cuckoo & Millefleur, including Blue Millefleur. £15 each if buying more than 1. Cockerels in all the above also in black & white.

Our Farm is dedicated to supply high quality Live Cattle"s, Goat, Sheep Goat etc which is consume nationally and internationally. We have a wide range of supply for specialized applications to the industries also we cater to the needs of the modern homemakers .


Fish Seed

Type : Fresh
Shelf Life : 2-3 Days
Packaging Type : Box
Storage Instruction : Cold Place
Feature : High In Protein
Size : 1-2 Inch