Physical Address: Westlake Dr Muizenberg Mountains Cape Town 7950, western cape, South Africa ( Electronic Address: Tel: +27 (0) 660908415 , Fax: +27 086 606 5167 , Email:, Website:

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A company who cares... Cape Hatchery is one of the largest Internet resellers of brand name poultry keeping equipment. Cape Hatchery operates solely on line, we offer a fast delivery of handpicked high quality poultry products throughout the South Africa and it neighbouring.

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We offer our customers lots of quality products, and our list of product categories and product offerings is growing every day. Cape Hatchery customers know they're getting the best prices as well as exclusive offers on a huge range of poultry

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Letting chickens run free around the place is great, especially if you've rescued some commercially bred hens. It's a wonderful feeling as you watch them and a cockerel or two busy themselves around the backyard or garden. They can be very efficient at keeping a lawn down too.

Pekins & Orpingtons: Pekins. Last years hens, have now stopped laying for Winter but will lay again in early Spring. Hens in Lavender, Lavender Cuckoo & Millefleur, including Blue Millefleur. £15 each if buying more than 1. Cockerels in all the above also in black & white.

Our Farm is dedicated to supply high quality Live Cattle"s, Goat, Sheep Goat etc which is consume nationally and internationally. We have a wide range of supply for specialized applications to the industries also we cater to the needs of the modern homemakers .

Get some few words about the foundation of Matlapeng Hatchery

The idea of this came up around mid of the year 2006, when as a team of young and passionate farmers, we started thinking about new way of supply chain on products and related services in poultry, that is to disrupt the traditional way as to ease the hardship in transporting of goods and services to client, so it will reduce the risk of loosing the nutritional value of eggs and meat by easily accessing the products on time and convey it as soon as possible to clients. We unanimously agreed to create a unique platform which is the first of its kind in South Africa to sell poultry products and services, where we are targeting about 50, 000 members when it is fully implemented.


In South Africa. We also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our Products are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria Midrand.

Delivery is one of the most efficient factors, Our delivery are done with Mac Global Logistics when you place an order with us, it can take 1- 48 hours depending on when order is processed for delivery.

Fresh mixed Jumbo, Extra large, Large, medium and small eggs with bright yellow yokes available for sales from our large breed hens. Our girls eat a diet of grains, fresh greens and healthy food.